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Two Piece Snap / Soap Dish Plastic Boxes

  • Square Corners Inside
  • Two Piece Snap Design / Soap Dish Design
  • Made in the USA
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Tired of those hinges breaking on your plastic boxes? Try our non-hinged, two piece snap or soap dish design multiple card holders. Invented by Pro-Mold in 1992 (U.S. Patent 5,358,114) they are strong and sturdy, with square corners inside so the cards' corners will not get damaged. These boxes range from a 10 count to a 400 count and will also fit in standard set storage and monster boxes.

Item Name Description Inside Dimensions (Where object fits) Thumbnail
PC10 More Info.. 10 Count, Two-Piece Snap-Design .18 by 2.55 by 3.54 (inches) 10 Count Plastic Box
PC25 More Info.. 25 Count, Two-Piece Snap-Design .44 by 2.54 by 3.54 (inches) 25 Count Plastic Box
PC50 More Info.. 50 Count, Two-Piece Snap-Design .87 by 2.59 by 3.61 (inches) 50 Count Plastic Box
PC100 More Info.. 100 Count, Two-Piece Snap-Design 1.69 by 2.60 by 3.61 (inches) 100 Count Plastic Box
PC150 More Info.. 150 Count, Two-Piece Snap-Design 2.57 by 2.60 by 3.61 (inches) 150 Count Plastic Box
PC250 More Info.. 250 Count, Two-Piece Snap-Design 2.53 by 3.64 by 4.81 (inches) 250 Count Plastic Box
PC400 More Info.. 400 Count/Beanie Baby Holder, Two-Piece Snap-Design 2.74 by 3.63 by 6.74 (inches) 400 Count Plastic Box
TC6 More Info.. 6 Count Telecard, Two-Piece Snap-Design .095 by 2.16 by 3.4 (inches) 6 Count Credit Card Plastic Box
SB25 More Info.. 25 Count Slider Box / Telescoping Box .45 by 2.57 by 3.64 (inches) 25 Count Slider Box / Telescoping Box
SB50 More Info.. 50 Count Slider Box / Telescoping Box .90 by 2.56 by 3.57 (inches) 50 Count Slider Box / Telescoping Box
SB100 More Info.. 100 Count Slider Box / Telescoping Box 1.80 by 2.56 by 3.57 (inches) 100 Count Slider Box / Telescoping Box
PCMiniHelmet More Info.. Mini NFL Football Helmet Display Case 5.062 by 5.187 by 7.281 (inches) Mini NFL Football Helmet Display Case
PCFootball More Info.. NFL Football Display Case 7.04 by 7.04 by 11.47 (inches) NFL Football Display Case

Question: Why should I put my baseball cards in these instead of the hinged plastic boxes?

Answer: The boxes are super strong, and without the breakable hinges they will last a lot longer then hinged plastic boxes. You can actually stand on top of these and they won't break. They're also small and compact enough to fit into standard set storage boxes.

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