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25 Count Plastic Box

Invented by Pro-Mold in 1992 (U.S. Patent 5,358,114), this two piece snap design plastic box is ideal for inexpensive trading cards. It features square corners inside to prevent your cards' corners from getting damaged. This holder is also ideal for trading cards that are larger than the 180 point trading card holders that we currently make.

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Strengths: No breakable hinges.

Weaknesses: For real expensive cards we recommended putting them into individual card holders like our one screw screwdowns or magnetics.

Aliases: 25 Count Box, Super Duper Thick Card Holder, PC-25, 81172

Item Name Typical Card holder is used for Inside Dimensions (Where card fits) Outside Dimensions UV Protection
PC25 25 regular trading cards or super duper thick trading card up to 440 Point (25 regular cards) .44 by 2.54 by 3.54 (inches) .625 by 2.69 by 3.65 (inches) None

Note: This list of compatible cards for this holder should be used as a general guide, and always make sure our lid does not come in contact with the card when you close the holder. If there is any question, then always use the next, thicker sized holder.

Card Company Trading Card Name
Upper Deck

Help with our list by letting us know what other cards that this card holder holds by filling out the form below.

Question: What are the advantages of this baseball card case being able to fit into a standard set storage box (100 count to 900 count cardboard box)?

Answer: Many collectors like to collect complete sets of cards and they put the most expensive baseball cards in the set in the mini-snap. By doing this set collectors can keep their complete sets in numerical order and still have the "big money" cards preserved in the mini-snap.

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