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Mini Football Helmet with UV Protection

Price: $15.95 Each

This mini-helmet holder holds the Riddell Mini NFL Football Helmets and the Schutt Collegiate Mini Football Helmets. Our mini-helmet holder features a black base that really makes the mini helmet stand out. The mini-helmet holder has a stacking feature on the top and bottom of the case the allows you to stack them very high. The bottom and top piece snap together with a tight precision fit.

Aliases: mini-helmet holder, PCMinihelmet, 81518, 82202-UV, BQ-MINIH

Item Name Typical Item holder is used for Inside Dimensions (Where item fits) Outside Dimensions UV Protection
PCMinihelmet one NFL Mini Football Helmet 5.062 by 5.187 by 7.281 (inches) 5.625 by 5.625 by 7.860 (inches) 5 Year

Question: Will this product hold the mini hockey helmets or baseball helmets?

Answer: Unfortunately it's too small for those two items and we do not have any plans to come out with a bigger holder to hold those items.

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