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Vintage Card Holders

  • Archival Safe Protection
  • Crystal Clear
  • Made in the USA
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New Goudey / 1948-49 Leaf Magnetic Available!

Pro-Mold makes a complete line of different vintage card holders for cards from the early to mid 20th century. All of these holders are archival safe and feature 5 year+ UV ray protection. We have holders for T206 Tobacco cards, 1948-1949 Bowman cards, 1951-1952 Bowman cards, 1952-1956 Topps Cards, and 1953-1955 Bowman Cards. Please click the specifications tab for more information.

Item Name Description Inside Dimension (Where card fits) Thumbnail
MHGoudeySA More Info.. Goudey / 1948-1949 Leaf Magnetic with Penny Sleeve
PC206 More Info.. T206 Tobacco Card One Screw Screwdown .025 by 1.517 by 2.717 (inches) T206 Tobacco One Screw
MH206SA More Info.. T206 Tobacco Card Magnetic with Penny Sleeve T206 Tobacco One Screw
PC48 More Info.. 1948-1950 Bowman .028 by 2.124 by 2.557 (inches) 1948-1950 Bowman One Screw
MH48SA More Info.. 1948-1950 Bowman 1948-1950 Bowman Magnetic
PC51 More Info.. 1951-1952 Bowman .023 by 2.15 by 3.18 (inches) 1951-1952 Bowman One Screw
MH51SA More Info.. 1951-1952 Bowman 1951-1952 Bowman Magnetic
PC4 More Info.. 1952-1956 Topps .033 by 2.68 by 3.8 (inches) 1952-1956 Topps Mini-Snap
PC52 More Info.. 1952-1956 Topps .033 by 2.68 by 3.80 (inches) 1952-1956 Topps One Screw Screwdown
PC53 More Info.. 1953-1955 Bowman .035 by 2.531 by 3.80 (inches) 1953-1955 Bowman One Screw Screwdown
PC9 More Info.. Non-Recessed Four Screw Screwdown up to 2.52 by 3.53 (inches) Non-Recessed 4 Screw Screwdown

Question: Do you plan to make a holder for the Goudey cards?

Answer: Right now we have no plans to make a holder for Goudey cards.

Question: Why doesn't my vintage card not quite fit or is a little loose in this holder?

Answer: The card in question may have been trimmed by someone to eliminate frayed edges, or it just was not cut right from the card company. With older cards it can be hit or miss sometimes on whether the card is to size, and if it is cut perfectly square.

Our recessed area for the card is slightly oversized to accommadate size imperfections in the cards as well as to give the card a little breathing room. Please keep in mind with the recessed corners, the weakest part of the card is never touched so our holders are still 100% safe if the card moves around a little bit.

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