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400 Count Plastic Box

This two piece snap design plastic box is ideal for inexpensive trading cards. It features square corners inside to prevent your cards' corners from getting damaged, and it also has a ridge on the lid and matting bottom to make it stackable.

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Strengths: No breakable hinges.

Weaknesses: For real expensive cards we recommended putting them into individual card holders like our one screw screwdowns or magnetics.

Aliases: 400 Count Box, acrylic box, Beanie Baby Holder, PC-400

Item Name Typical Card holder is used for Inside Dimensions (Where card fits) Outside Dimensions UV Protection
PC400 400 regular trading cards 2.74 by 3.63 by 6.74 (inches) 2.98 by 3.86 by 6.74 (inches) None

Question: Can you make a custom sized box that is close to the size of this box?

Answer: Unfortunately the molds that makes these plastic boxes are very, very expensive (several thousand dollars at a minimum). You are much better off finding an existing plastic box on the market then having your own mold built to make the exact sized plastic box that you need.

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