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NFL Football Case with UV Protection

Price: $29.95 Each

Football Case without UV Protection: $27.95 Each

This football holder holds one NFL Football. The particular football holder has two equal u-shaped pieces that slide together to form a precision fit. It features a ring on each side to keep the football autograph front and centered. You can stack this football holder vertically or horizontally.

Aliases: football square, pcfootball, 81211, 82204-UV, BQ-FH

Item Name Typical Item holder is used for Inside Dimensions (Where item fits) Outside Dimensions UV Protection
PCFootball one NFL Football 7.04 by 7.04 by 11.47 (inches) 7.32 by 7.32 by 11.75 (inches) 5 Year

Question: Will this football holder hold any other football besides an NFL Football?

Answer: This football holder will only hold NFL Footballs or footballs exactly equal in size, or smaller, to an NFL Football.

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