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1/2 Inch Thick 1 Screw

  • Archival Safe
  • The clearest screwdown
  • holders on the market!
  • Made in the USA
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This is the "Cadillac" of the Pro-Mold trading card holder line. The 1/2 inch one screw is basically an oversized regular size one screw. With the larger size the trading card really stands out.

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This holder also features recessed, "arrowhead" corners to protect the card's corners if you drop them. This holder provides 5 years+ of UV protection to prevent the card and autograph from fading, and Pro-Mold one screw screwdown holders are the only screwdowns of their kind that have UV certification.

These are proudly made in the USA of the highest quality raw material and are archival safe.

Item Name Description Maximum Card Thickness Thumbnail
PC14 More Info.. Regular Card 20 Point = 1 Regular Card 20 Point Premium 1 Screw Card Holder
PC15 More Info.. Thicker Card 50 Point = 3-4 Regular Cards 50 Point Premium 1 Screw Card Holder
PC16 More Info.. Real Thick Card 110 Point = 6-8 Regular Cards 110 Point Premium 1 Screw Card Holder
PC17 More Info.. Super Thick Card 180 Point = 10-12 Regular Cards 180 Point Premium 1 Screw Card Holder

Question: Is it true that screwdowns can ruin your cards?

Answer: All RECESSED screwdowns are 100% safe as long as you choose the right size screwdown for your card. Make sure the card sits BELOW the top of the recessed area and then there is no chance the card will get ruined.

All of our one screw screwdowns have a recessed area for your cards and are 100% safe. Non-recessed screwdowns can smash your card, and Pro-Mold only sells a four screw screwdown that is non-recessed for oddball sized items like ticket stubs.

Question: Do you have any plans to come out with a size between 110 and 180 point?

Answer: Right now we do not have any plans to do so.

Question: What is the difference between the premium screwdowns and the regular screwdowns?

Answer: The regular one screwdowns are about half as thick. The card really stands out with this holder being oversized, and the card is protected even more by having more plastic around it.

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