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Non-Recessed 4 Screw Screwdown

This product is only recommended for oddball sized items up to 2.75 inches by 4 inches like ticket stubs. Any trading card with a standard size should be put in a mini-snap, one screw screwdown or magnetic.

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Strengths: Can be used to protect oddball sized items like ticket stubs or "off-cut" trading cards.

Weaknesses: Without a recessed area for the trading card, or ticket, you have to be very carefull that you do not tighten the screws too much to avoid smashing the object inside.

Aliases: Four Screw Non-Recessed, PC-9, 43007

Item Name Typical Card holder is used for Inside Dimensions (Where card fits) Outside Dimensions UV Protection
PC9 Oddball sized items like tickets, ticket stubs or oversized trading cards. 2.52 by 3.53 (inches) .245 by 3 by 4.88 (inches) None

Question: My ticket is too big to fit into this holder. Do you have a larger size?

Answer: We do not have a larger sized non-recessed holder, and unfortunatley there is no standard size for tickets or ticket stubs.

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