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1 Screw Screwdown Standup - 20 Point

This screwdown is ideal for a trading card you wish to display on a dressor or desk. This item is also available without the stand.

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Aliases: One Screw Standup, Regular Card, PC-13

Item Name Typical Card holder is used for Inside Dimensions (Where card fits) Outside Dimensions UV Protection
PC13 Standard Sized Trading Cards up to 20 Point .023 by 2.53 by 3.53 (inches) 1.32 by 2.88 by 4.02 (inches) 5 Years+

Note: This list of compatible cards for this holder should be used as a general guide, and always make sure our lid does not come in contact with the card when you close the holder. If there is any question, then always use the next, thicker sized holder.

Card Company Trading Card Release Name
Bowman Bowman Standard Issue
Fleer 2012 Fleer Retro (All)
Panini 2012 Contenders Autos, 2012 Certified RC's/Parallels/Signatures, 2012 Crown Royale RC's/Parallels/Uncuts/Rookie Signatures, 2012 Limited RC's/Parallels/Monikers, 2012 Prizm Base Autos
Score Score Standard Issue
Topps Topps Standard Issue, 2012 Topps RC's/Parallels, 2012 Topps Chrome (Base)
Upper Deck

Question: Are these as crystal clear as the non-uv versions were?

Answer: Yes. The UV protection does not effect the clarity of the holder.

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