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One Screw - 50 Point

The most popular type of screwdown for baseball cards on the market today. This new and improved version has a recessed arrowhead in each corner so that the baseball card's corners are never touched. It also has a white frost on all four sides of the card which makes the baseball card stand out better. Invented by Pro-Mold in 1993.

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Strengths: Small and compact compared to traditional style four screw screwdowns which allows for storage of many in smaller spaces particularly in monster boxes or shoe boxes. What made the one screw screwdown popular is the fact that you get all the benefits of a four screw, as far as protection of the baseball card goes, but with only having to use one screw instead of four.

Weaknesses: This baseball card holder itself has no real weakness, but some collector's prefer not to deal with screwdown holders because it's time consuming and tedious to screw together many at a time, which is why they use the snap-design holders or our line of magnetic card holders instead.

Aliases: One Screw, Thicker Card, PC-6II

Item Name Typical Card holder is used for Inside Dimensions (Where card fits) Outside Dimensions UV Protection
PC6II Standard Sized Trading Cards up to 50 Point (3-4 regular cards) .050 by 2.53 by 3.53 (inches) .273 by 2.88 by 4.02 (inches) 5 Years+

Note: This list of compatible cards for this holder should be used as a general guide, and always make sure our lid does not come in contact with the card when you close the holder. If there is any question, then always use the next, thicker sized holder.

Card Company Trading Card Release Name
Fleer 2001 Ultimate Diva Collection
Topps 2010 Triple Threads
Upper Deck

Question: When I put the screw in the plastic breaks away because the screw is tapping the screw hole. What can I do to avoid this?

Answer: Make sure the top and bottom piece SNAP together BEFORE putting the screw in. The lid and bottom piece of this holder mate together using a friction fit, which enables the two pieces to snap together. When tightening down the screw, screw it in just enough so that the screw head is flush with the lid and do not overtighten.

Question: Are these as crystal clear as the non-uv versions were?

Answer: Yes. The UV protection does not effect the clarity of the holder.

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