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NHL Hockey Puck Case with UV Protection

Pro-Mold Square Puck Holder (2-pack): $2.75

This is mainstream collector's choice for storage of NHL Hockey Pucks. This holder is the perfect hockey puck display case for all your autographed pucks and it features a precision fit pop-off lid.

Aliases: puck square, PCPSquare, 81214

Item Name Typical Item holder is used for Inside Dimensions (Where item fits) Outside Dimensions UV Protection
PCPSquare one NHL Hockey PUck 1.05 by 3.03 by 3.03 (inches) 1.3 by 3.17 by 3.17 (inches) 5 Year

Question: Will this hockey puck case hold other pucks from other leagues besides the NHL?

Answer: This holder was made specifically to hold a NHL Hockey Puck and may not be big enough for some of the other hockey pucks from other leagues besides the NHL. Please check the inside dimensions on the specifications tab to the left to be sure it will hold the hockey puck you have.

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