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NBA Basketball Cube with UV Protection

Price: $49.95 Each

This basketball holder holds one NBA Basketball. The basketball holder has two equal u-shaped pieces that slide together to form a precision fit. It features a built in stand inside to keep the autograph front and centered.

Aliases: Basketball Cube, pcbasketball, 102GS, 81210

Item Name Typical Item holder is used for Inside Dimensions (Where item fits) Outside Dimensions UV Protection
PCBasketball one NBA Basketball 9.5 by 9.5 by 9.5 (inches) 9.75 by 9.75 by 9.75 (inches) 5 Year

Question: Will this basketball holder hold a soccer ball??

Answer: Even though a soccer ball is slightly smaller our holder will hold it and the built in stand will keep it stationary.

Question: Does this basketball holder holder come in a bag in the display box?

Answer: Yes.

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